Understanding Your Bill

Understanding Your JSD Bill

Understanding Your Bill

  1. The consumption period for which you are being billed.
  2. Your previous meter reading and your present readings are provided. Note for Sewer customers: Sewer consumption is based upon water consumption.
  3. Consumption (in gallons) is calculated by “Present” - “Previous”. Customers who use 2500 gallons or less will receive a “minimum bill”.
  4. Amount billed is calculated multiplying consumption in gallons by rate per gallon. Rates are available in the JSD Customer Policy which can be found on our website www.jsdwater.org.
  5. Each Customer is assigned a unique account number. The account number should accompany payment.
  6. A “Previous” amount reflects a past due balance. Payments received after bills are processed will not be reflected. If a “Previous” balance is not paid by the “Past Due Date” services will be disconnected without further notice. If services are disconnected, the Customer will be required to pay the full balance due on the account plus a reconnection fee. Reconnection payments received AFTER 2pm will not have service restored until the following business day. Service will only be restored during business hours.
  7. Bills are generated on the 15th of each month and due the 15th of the following month.
  8. Bills not paid by the 15th of the following month will be considered past due. Service disconnections will result if an account is 60 days past due.
  9. Customers who have signed up for autodraft will have this notation on their bills. Drafts are processed on the 7th of each month unless that falls on a holiday or weekend. Whatever is due on the customer account will be drafted. There are no fees to utilize our autodraft option. Contact the office or visit our website for more information.  


Billing Policy, Due Dates and Disconnections

A reminder for our customers:

  • Bills are always due by the 15th of each month.
  • JSD does not charge late fees.
  • A “past due” notice will be on any customer bill if payment not received by the 15th.
  • Any customer who progresses to two months behind will have services disconnected without further notice. Please note that disconnection dates could vary depending on crew emergencies, holidays, etc. Due to safety concerns for JSD Crew members door hangers (orange disconnection notices) may not always be provided at the time of disconnection.

If the Due Date (15th) falls on a:

Disconnections are Typically on:

Monday, 15th

Tuesday, 16th

Tuesday, 15th

Wednesday, 16th

Wednesday, 15th

Thursday, 16th

Thursday, 15th

Monday, 19th

Friday, 15th

Monday, 18th

Saturday, 15th

Tuesday, 18th

Sunday, 15th

Tuesday, 17th

Example of customer bill:

Current bill due by Friday, June 15th: $53.50

If the bill is not paid, the customer will receive a past due notice on their bill that will be processed within 2-3 business days.

If the Customer does not pay that bill by Friday, July 15th then the Customer will be disconnected without further notification on Monday, July 18th. The Customer will then be responsible to pay the bill that was due June 15th, July 15th and a reconnection fee.

Failure to receive a bill does not relieve the Customer of the responsibility to pay all bills, fees, and other charges. It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide any changes in contact information to the District.

Although bills cannot be viewed online at this time, Customers can go to our Bill Payment page https://www.jsdwater.org/bill-payment to view multiple bill payment options.