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AJPS Customers- Avalon/Junaluska Highlands Rate Change


Avalon Tank System Pumping Fee – AJPS

Billing Policy and Pumping Rate Changes


AJPS Customers: Avalon, Junaluska Highlands and any outside customers connected to the Avalon Tank System. This information ONLY applies to customers that have an AJPS code on your bill.

For all water customers that are being served from the Avalon Tank water system (Avalon and Junaluska Highlands Customers and any outside customers connected to this system), on 2/16/23 the JSD board has amended the following billing policies:

·        “Seasonal” fee/use will no longer be offered.

·        Pump fees will convert to a per 1,000-gallon use rate (not a flat fee).

The change in seasonal policy is in effect immediately and the new pump fee rate charge will go into effect on April 2023 billing.

New Pump fee rates:

·        Inside Customers: $19.27 per 1,000-gallon

·        Outside Customers: $22.38 per 1,000-gallon

The pump fee rate charge will be assessed based on the metered gallons each customer uses. Please note this is the pump fee only, separate from the water rate. The current water rate remains the same at this time.


The original flat pump fee was established over 10 years ago and no pump fee increases have taken place over this time. The District has absorbed this cost and can no longer afford to do this at the cost of maintaining the entire District and service area we provide for.

Junaluska Highlands and Avalon customer usage (combined) represents about 2% of the total gallons delivered to all of our customers each month. The cost to deliver this 2% is immensely higher than the remaining 98% of our customer base that is gravity fed. The cost to provide continuous fire protection and safe drinking water to top of the mountain (above an elevation that our gravity lines can supply) is over three times the amount than the rest of our service area. In order for the public water system to serve the Avalon Tank system, JSD has to pump water through three pump stations and continuously maintain an elevation level in the tank for the fire protection and pressures. With costs of pumps, material and NCDEQ monitoring requirements drastically increasing, JSD is forced to update and pass along these costs. With these cost increases and with JSD providing non-stop fire protection, this is also why JSD is having to eliminate Seasonal status (fee/use).



JSD Board and Management